• Adrian6647

    My name is Honey Adrian C. Naranjo, Male is my gender but sometimes they misgendered me because of my name, by the way I am 17 years old, I was born on October, 20, 1998. I live in Aurora Zamboanga del Sur, and our house is located near a cemetery. 

    I have a small family, not in size but in numbers. I have two brothers, we are eight years gap. My father is a Teacher Specialist in the division of Zamboanga del Sur, and my mother is a Care Giver in Ireland, although my parents has a long distance relationship, it has no problem to them because of the application Skype which we are using  in order to communicate our loved ones overseas.

    My hobbies are playing musical instrument like, guitar and piano. I also like photography and Videography, so…

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